Brake Shoes

Our company specializes in production break shoes for trailer's and car hauler's. Over 20 years in break shoes production industry allows us to determine precise properties fit for brake linings glue to brake shoes, that brake shoe did not come off till end of his use in brake system.

1. Brake shoes for trailers and tow trucks.

In our production we also have most brake shoes available on breaking axis market type : KNOTT, AL-KO, BPW, NIEWIADOW.

- Brake shoes to KNOTT axis with size 200x50 mm and 250x50 mm
- Brake shoes to AL-KO axis with size 200x50 mm oraz 230x60 mm
- Brake shoes to BPW axis with size 200x50 mm
- Brake shoes to NIEWIADOW axis with size 200x35 mm.

At your request we do brake shoes with custom lining size than standard production series offer.

2. Brake shoes regeneration for construction equipment like excavators, machines and moving devices for example TEREX, ATLAS, HITACHI, DOOSAN, GENIE and others.

Also we do break shoes regeneration (we do not have in constantly production) with lining size starting of width 10 - 100 mm and thick od 2 - 10 mm. Width and thickness brake linings and montage (glue ,clinch) is agreed with client and by specyfication brake in device

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